The Author

Rocky Atkinson

Patrick did the artwork, he inspired the books, it was he who lived the life of an addict and it was he who fought the disease right up until he couldn’t any longer. Through over 150 pieces of original artwork in the two books (with bible verses and positive comments about life), you gain insight into the addict’s life, the horror and desperation of using and the seemingly impossible task of recovery. All the artwork is Patrick’s. It’s his genius. The writings tell of how my son must have felt battling addiction and fighting demons so committed to his destruction, determined to take everything and wanting more.

Everything I contributed was God inspired. He guided me in choosing the artwork and in presenting inspirational bible verses. And He directed me in compiling all the observations, comments and writings, each presented as if Patrick might have said and written them had he lived.

After Patrick’s death, our lives (my wife’s and mine) changed forever. I’ve spent this past 10 years working with addicts at a Christ based recovery center and serving as an advisor, teacher, mentor & friend to the men.

The recovery process is tough, addiction is a cunning disease that gobbles up the unprepared and is incredibly difficult for everyone else. Still the desire to recover cries out from so many~ and that’s what can be built upon, that’s what the book offers…hope and encouragement with a clear understanding of God’s forgiveness and the abundant grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness He bestows upon us all.