The Artist

Patrick Atkinson

Patrick Atkinson was a professional artist from North Carolina working primarily with Grand Image out of Seattle, WA until his death on 10.10.12 at the age of 33. He was a Christian and a drug addict. He had just completed a 10 month stay at a Christ based recovery facility and had another 6 months clean and sober before overdosing on heroin. He had everything to live for, two beautiful little boys that he dearly loved, a loving and supportive family, a phenomenal career as a professional artist with one of the largest distributors of artwork in the country and many friends that looked up to and encouraged him. To the question, “How did this happen?” there are a 1,000 answers but no final answer.

The artwork is his and everything else is inspired by how he felt about being a drug addict, his fight to be clean, his thoughts on Christianity and Heaven, his witty outlook on life and how it’s possible (probable) to get it, have it and then lose it. Patrick’s artwork sold at Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen and Ballard Designs. It is also in private collections, select art galleries and throughout corporate America. You’ll see it, too, in major hotels (Sir Frances Drake in San Francisco), hospitals, the film industry and fine restaurants.